About Bunker 21

About the Project:


Dear Listener,

Bunker 21 was born out of the frustration I was experiencing in trying to get several other projects I had off the ground. As an artist who works in fields that tend to require copious amounts of financing and need many dozens of collaborators, I found myself in a never-ending dilemma. How can I do what I love if I don’t have the resources– and how can I get the resources to do what I love? Like many artists, I have to admit that I was continually aiming too high in my quest for artistic independence and that fact was preventing me from doing what I love, namely entertaining you. This realization then led me down a path of determining what resources I actually had.

The project of Bunker 21 is the end result of my soul-searching. It is a stripped-down audio drama. One actor. One microphone. No musical score. No flashy sound effects. When I looked at the list of what I had and didn’t have, I wondered what possible situation or story line would fit? It was then that, somewhere in the creative mists, Bunker 21 implanted itself in my brain. Oooh! A guy in a post-apocalyptic bunker trying to broadcast to a world that might not exist!!! What a brilliant idea!!!

There were handshakes all around, the champagne was uncorked, and I gave myself a good pat on the back for being such an astonishing genius. And then I started writing and recording… and I realized what an utter fool I am.

Bunker 21 is one of the hardest creative challenges I’ve ever undertaken. (Even harder than trying to finance a film or get two dozen people to help me create an audio series.) The simplicity of the concept is totally overwhelmed by the reality of somehow making this an engaging and entertaining experience for you, the Listener. I’ve always prided myself as a strong writer and confident actor and in the process of making Bunker 21 I find myself constantly lacking in these talents I have always trusted. I have had a great deal of concern about the viability of this project, and that has led to much introspection and an honest assessment of what I’m trying to do. The answer, I have found, is in the process itself.

I now believe that this process will force me to hone those skills to a higher level than I thought possible and I invite you to join me in observing this artistic journey. It will be messy. It will take time. It will not be perfect and refined. My perfectionism usually dictates that I not release something until it is…well, perfect. But here, I am giving myself the permission to step into a project that has no clear or defined goal. I hope that the story and format will coalesce and stabilize as the project goes on, but it may not, and I accept if this is difficult for Listeners.

As audiences, we are used to film, television, and audio projects that tell us exactly what they are. Who hasn’t seen a two minute trailer for a film and understood exactly where the twists will be and how it will end? We are accustomed to being spoon-fed our art in modern times and that is why some of you may find Bunker 21 very difficult to enjoy. I do not apologize for that.

I believe sometimes it’s more than just the artist that needs to be challenged. Audiences have it very easy today, if you don’t like something you can just “click” and find something else. I believe that audiences need to be challenged so that they can grow, too. I do not claim that this project will or won’t challenge you, but I know it’s challenging me. And if it does challenge your notion of what entertainment is, I hope you will stick with it and that we can together, artist and audience, grow in a mutually beneficial way.

I pray that Bunker 21 will be the starting point in our artist/audience relationship. One that gives you the opportunity to help me develop some financial resources with your patronage, so that in return I can dedicate my artistic energies to the production of the many projects I have that I’m waiting to deliver to you.

In the mean time, I present to you Bunker 21 and the journey of Daniel Barrett!

With love,

Jave Griffin


About the Artist:

Jave Griffin is an artist whose talents destroy many different mediums such as acting, writing, directing, audio design and engineering, animal juggling, and laboratory-based evil monster creation. After a prolonged hiatus to deal with a life-threatening illness, and once the aliens finally delivered him back to Earth like they promised, Jave is excited to return to the medium that he first ruined– audio acting. When asked what he hopes to achieve with his bold experiment in audio irritation, he stated, “I’m looking forward to wearing pants again!”

Jave hopes that Bunker 21 will reinvigorate his passion for confusing people and provide a foundation for building an audience.

Jave currently lives in Northern California with his wife and three kids because he is in the Witness Protection Program… and now they will probably have to move again.